Monday, April 2, 2012

y'all come back, i.e. yetis versus chevrons

this is just a sample post to see how the layout and text look.

yep, that's all. scratch that. here's some eye candy (added a week later). this is my design of chevrons i use as my pinterest profile pic. this is the design in full:

i know chevrons are uber-popular right now, so my design is not super rare, like catching the yeti on film. but it's fun to me (the chevrons, not the yeti). i have a postcard series based on the pastel shades of the chevrons. i've also used the bright turquoise in a series of quotes and sayings. i'd like to use this chevron pattern in some more complex geometric designs.

i created these designs back in february and am just now getting around to blogging one of them. can you say p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a- (to be finished later).

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